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Bill launched a comprehensive plan to bring Philadelphia city government into the digital age through a package of initiatives termed “Open Government Philadelphia.”

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Today Councilman Bill Green released spreadsheets containing the latest assumptions about tax rates and likely potential relief measures.  His spreadsheets allow members of the public to estimate their potential tax bills and provide feedback to the administration and City Council.  The spreadsheets can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


A "homestead exemption" is one of the relief measures being discussed as part of the administration's proposed Actual Value Inititiative (AVI).  The amount of the exemption currently being considered is $30,000.  If your house is worth $100,000, this means you would pay taxes on $70,000 ($100,000-$30,000).  State legislation is needed for a homestead exemption.  There is pending legsilation in Harrisburg to allow City Council to implement such an exemption.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – To lessen the pain felt by property owners due to aspects of Mayor Nutter’s proposed Actual Value Initiative (AVI), Councilman Bill Green has introduced amendments to the Administration’s proposal, which have the effect of shifting the tax burden away from homeowners and limiting the increase in actual tax rates.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Councilman At-Large Bill Green today introduced three bills as part of his comprehensive “Open Government Philadelphia” plan to deploy technology to create more responsive and nimble government, delivering better services more efficiently for all Philadelphians.

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Departmental hearings on the City Budget start(ed) today. Here's a few places to keep in mind during the process.

1) at our site - - you can submit questions and get answers - either from Bill and his staff or maybe have them asked in Session!

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"I ran for office four years ago and I am running today because I love this City... My campaign theme in 2007 and still today - 'beholden to none, accountable to all' - reflects my commitment to be a strong, independent voice for all Philadelphians." - Bill Green