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Philadelphia City Council held a hearing Thursday on cutting the city's health-care costs. 

Councilman Bill Green, who said the city's employee health-care costs are escalating, said he's looking at the police union's health and wellness program as a model for other unions to follow.


City Council pushed into the school-funding fight yesterday, passing a resolution that calls on Gov. Corbett and the Legislature to continue to fund full-day kindergarten.

Corbett's proposed budget cuts would eliminate grants that fund after-school programs and full-day kindergarten, according to advocates. The resolution was introduced by Council members Jannie Blackwell, Bill Green and Curtis Jones Jr.

The Philadelphia government should be an open book, yet ironically, completely paperless, according to a new plan put forth by Councilman Bill Green last night

Central to his “Open Philadelphia Government” plan is utilizing technology. City government is still largely run with paper forms and outdated procedures, Green said, and he claims a paperless government will save the city $200 million a year while also improving government services.

Deploying Technology to Enhance Transparency, Ensure Accountability, and Foster Innovation

Bill launched a comprehensive plan to bring Philadelphia city government into the digital age through a package of initiatives termed “Open Government Philadelphia.”

"Open Government Philadelphia – both as a philosophical approach to how government should work and as a series of concrete actions – is aligned with the City’s current needs, its upcoming challenges, and, importantly, its available resources,” Bill explained. “The city is poised to spend $120 million on technology upgrades over the next six years. For this investment to yield the return we hope for and desperately need – i.e., innovation that increases city government’s effectiveness, while reducing its size and cost – we must proceed with purpose, foresight, and a bold vision.

Amaris Elliott-Engel
The Legal Intelligencer
April 27, 2011
Philadelphia's criminal justice leaders are seeking increased funding after three difficult budget years, and they got some sympathy from City Council members during budget hearings Tuesday.
City Councilman Bill Green said that the $6 million the city has saved because of decreasing numbers of city inmates could be invested in electronic monitoring bracelets, increasing the number of probation-parole officers, and other more efficacious ways of carrying out criminal justice.

Departmental hearings on the City Budget start(ed) today. Here's a few places to keep in mind during the process.

1) at our site - - you can submit questions and get answers - either from Bill and his staff or maybe have them asked in Session!



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